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Apart from my 9 years at sea, I did a lot of business travelling. During quite a number of years I used to be on the road for two to three months in average. Most trips went to the Far East and the US and many short trips in Europe. When the children were still we had many holidays in Spain, Grand Canaries, Mallorca Islands and Italy. On my business trips I used to take the spouse once or twice per year with me, usually to the Far East.  Later the two of us spent also holidays in Greece, one time making a cruise in the Aegean Sea and the US. In that country we usually hired a car with only a vague plan and just started driving, sometimes accompanied by friends. Here are some picture of a roundtrip in the US: From New York to the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee and back again via another route.



Yes, you guessed right first time. This picture was shot at Times Square. 





The trip was to the Smokey Mountains, so that's exactly what we got!

Future work: More 'Travel' buttons of other countries to be added....