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Sun rise:  5:33

Sun down: 21:59

The date today is and

UTC Date: 09-07-17   UTC Time: 11:30    Local Date: 09-07-17   Local Time: 13:30

Temp 23.3 C   Dewpoint 43 %
Humidity 43%   Wind Chill 23.3 C
Wind E at 3.2 km/h   THW Index 22.9 C
Barometer 1011.0 mb   Heat Index 22.9 C
Today's Rain 0.0 mm   Yearly Rain 8680.4 mm

This is the detailed weather situation at my home, which is in a small city (27.000 inhabitants) called Krimpen a/d Yssel which lies about 12 kms east of Rotterdam. With an harbour where 33.000 ships enter per year Rotterdam is by far the biggest port in the world. With my Garmin eMap GPS I found the rather exact coordinates of my home to be: 51 54' 51" North and 04 35' 59,4" East. 

To get an overview  of the weather scene in the whole country you can go to the following URL:  http://meteoweather.com/nl/index.htm

The following web site explains the relationship between the Wind speed in meters/hour and the wind force as measured by the Scale of Beaufort: http://www.marinewaypoints.com/marine/wind.shtml












Short Summary of Current Weather at Krimpen a/d IJssel:

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Outdoor sensors

Indoor monitor unit.The black stick to the upper right is the receiving antenna. No cabling required to connect the units


Lowest point in the Netherlands can be found in Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel  -  minus 6,74 meters below the Dutch general level (N.A.P.)     -    a small city about 6 kms from where I live, Krimpen a/d IJssel. We are only at minus 2 meters..... There is a Dutch web site, also with English text, dedicated to this place which is located at  51 59' 13" north and longitude 4 38' 9" east. Enter the site by pushing the following button:



For the latest  (if any) Hurricane or Tropical Storm graphics click the following button: 

Have a look at the Current Marine Data in any part of the world!

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