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See also the Index page. Some more pictures of our house are shown here in a random order. Just a simple senior's home with modest facilities, but quite enough for Spartans like ourselves.

All kinds of pictures of the grandchildren are to been here. Not that we are proud of them, but......ahum, well.

Felicia (9) and Vincent (6)

Another view of the livingroom with my wife helping our granddaughter and friend with their school's homework. An international exercise I suppose. Grandparents have the time and the patience for such scores.


The two paintings are all about Dutch cows in the summer meadows. The well know  Dutch painter Wiebe van der Zee, who specializes in these noble creatures, is responsible for both paintings. We seem to have something with cows. And with cats. Our cat Kelly has draped herself elegantly on the dinner table in the nook. In view of the winter's sun it is also a very strategic position as one can expect of pussycats.


The long copper tube is a so called Portuguese barometer. The well known 76 cm Torricelli mercury tube, still the most accurate barometer around. When I was at sea we usually had a similar device hanging or rather swinging, on a wall in the chartroom. The only difference is that they were machined from stainless steel instead of copper. The two wooden horses are Swedish Dalarna horses. A couple of years ago we watched them being made and painted when on a roundtrip holiday by car in Sweden. We also stayed a couple of days in Rättvik in the heart of the Dalarna district. Dalahästen or  The Dala Horse represents the original, genuine symbol of Sweden, more powerful than the Swedish flag it is said. Behind the smaller green chair is the fireplace which we seldom use for some reason.

Dalarna horses are painted in many cheerful colors and patterns. The biggest ”Dalahäst” in the world stands at the approach to Avesta. It was unveiled in 1989, is 13 metres high and weighs 66.7 ton. The smallest produced so far measures 3.5 millimeters. Its decorations were painted by Gunilla Lindberg at Nusnäs. A surgical operation for sure.


The painting on the wall is a Monet with the title 'Waterlillies'. This is the original one. A rather good copy is hanging in the Louvres Museum in Paris right now......;-)