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For some reason I always liked to cook. I my opinion it is a very creative and relaxing process. If you concentrate on cooking there is no room for other thoughts or worries. If you want to do it right that is. I am also intrigued by the endless variations one can concoct with rather simple ingredients. It still is just as amazing to me as the infinite number of music pieces one can concoct from just a few notes. I am not so interested in baking cakes etc. as I find it a very exact science. So many grams of this and that. There is hardly room the juggle with ingredients and amounts and total failure is always very close.

This is fireplace number one. To the right a wok burner. I am kind of a wok addict and often say: Keep Wokking. A very subtle and simple way of cooking. Also 'quick and dirty', fast to the draw. The thing with the lid to the left hides a double electric coal grill. The TV is for my personal entertainment during the cooking process.


I like cooking but hate cleaning of all the used pots and pans. My dishwasher is my best friend in the kitchen I use to say. The double washing basins are also a necessity. Although it is January 2003, the basil plant is bathing nicely in the winter's sun. I keep cutting of branches all the time but somehow it remains in balance. 


Oops, a real Dutch bicycle can be observed in the yard. It is not supposed to be there. The smaller faucet to the right of the bigger one is of the Quooker. The Quooker boils the water to 120 degrees Celsius and when it pours out of the faucet the temperature is about 100 degrees Celsius. In Holland Quookers with a bigger boiler are often used in professional kitchens. It is an ideal tool if you need boiling water at a moment's notice. The Italian espresso coffee making machine is at the right. I am afraid that we only drink espresso coffee these days.


The second fireplace is a six position ceramic electric and halogen lamp appliance. I rather  preferred a ceramic induction plate but we had to discard then all our brand-new stainless steels pans. Stainless steel does not heat when under the influence of magnetic fields, only iron and ironish metals are affected. What I like about such ceramic plates is the no fuss, easy cleaning. Gas stoves used to drive me mad because of the cumbersome cleaning. By the way induction cooking is the thing in restaurant kitchen these days.


To the right is the freezer with built in ice machine (cubes, crushed ice and ice water) and the refrigerator.


Above the oven is the steamer. I use the steamer almost every days for all kinds of things. It is nice, clean and a fat free cooking process.