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Grand-Father Jurrie

My grandfather Jurrie van Eeuwen photographed around 1890 - 1891. For his birth certificate, see the Genealogy - Grand Parents page.


A picture taken around 1910, when he was 24 years of age. Notice the ring on his left ring finger. So this pictures was taken after his marriage in June of that year.


My grandfather is the soldier with the arrow above his head. This picture was sent as a picture post card from Dutch army barracks at Harskamp on June 25, 1906 to the future mrs. van  Eeuwen, then still A.(M.) Suiker. He married her on June 15, 1910. The had two children Pieter (November 21, 1910) and Willem van Eeuwen (January 24, 1916)


This is the reverse side of the picture postcard. The text says: 'Dear Sjaan, Here you receive a photo of me I hope that it  will be  to thy satisfaction -  Bye Harskamp'. It is funny to note that he uses the formal 'thy' instead of the familiar 'you'. Furthermore it shows that the Dutch are a international bunch, as the word 'Post Card' is printed in 13 different languages!


My grandfather is standing and is giving the other soldiers cover. The writing says that the picture was taken during the first World War on October 20, 1915.

The text is saying: 'Getting tea"   I still have to figure out what this is all about. My grandfather is pointed at by the blue arrow