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Special family members

We have the honour to serve two pussycats who have grudgingly agreed to stay on our premises as long as the entertainment, the respectful treatment, the quiet places to rest their weary limbs and the food are to their liking. As everybody should know pussycats contrary to dogs, have no bosses, only servants.

This blue eyed and handsome lady is our Cool Cat Kelly. She was named so by my son Erik after the sluttish daughter Kelly in the series 'Married with Children'.  A drawback is her thieving nature. For a Siamese cat nothing is more enjoyable than to steal a piece of meat or fish from somebody's plate, even when she has a full belly. Anything for a little bit of sport and excitement. She is also likes to sit very close to people who don't seem to fancy cats. She has some kind of secret radar for these persons and makes a point of it to intimidate them as much as possible. Our second cat named Spike is her son, who is twice her size, but as a good and stern mother she has full control over her cat child. If necessary she corrects him rather hard-handed to remind him of who is really in charge. She is fond of empty boxes and plastic bags and she is testing one right now.

Two ladies in one picture. One is Kelly at a slightly younger age exercising her jaws a bit to stay in good shape for the nightly hunt. Often we find dead mice and birds underneath our bed or the living room couches, usually detected by a some peculiar odour. Yak.... She is watched by another lady called Pinky (a pinky, a pinky, a pinky Benson.....). When this picture was taken Pinky was about 17 years old and she went to the happy cat hunting grounds  -   where there are unlimited supplies of mice, frogs, birds etc   -    some years ago when she was 19.


I still don't have a good picture of Spike. He is a shy fellow. Whenever I aim the camera at him he moozies away. I got him here asleep next to his mother Kelly. Sleeping seems to be their favourite pastime. That's the best I can do so far. Indefinable shape however.....  As is clearly demonstrated, Spike is a  -  as we say here politely  -  a business accident.

A somewhat better picture of Spike. He has been awakened by the camera and is looking a bit sleepy and gloomy and maybe contemplating a frontal attack in response to my brutal action. Servants have to know their place in the domestic hierarchy after all.....



Both our are especially keen on computers. They are true CompuCats!  Every time I am sitting behind the keyboard they will soon appear and force themselves politely but surely between poor me and the keyboard and monitor. To prevent that bulky Spike (8 kg) lies down on the keyboard I even have put it here in a vertical position. Well, as said before dogs have bosses and cats have servants.....