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Panorama photo


This photo is 'stitched' together from six separate photos taken on 17th of September 2003, a glorious Indian summer day. Temperature about 26 degrees C. Quite unusual for the time of the year. Our garden and pond looks nice in this picture. Soon the leafs will start to fall from the trees, but before they do they turn into all kind of beautiful autumn colours. Must make another picture then and add it to this one. The third one will be a winter scene with snow and ice on the pond.





This picture  is taken from the house. As we see the whole scene from our living room windows.






Another picture taken a day later at a different time. I took an extra photo in the middle and with that one

I eliminated the disturbing lantern pole up front which spoilt the picture.


As promised here is an autumn scene which I photographed on November 5, 2003. Quite a different colouring

than in the other pictures. So every season has its own beauty. The next shot will be is planned somewhere early

2004, in the middle of the winter. So stay tuned!