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Klaas Cornelis van Eeśwen -   the ś turned to a simple u somewhere along the line   -   was born in 1695 and married Sibilla Jans van Manen on May 14, 1717. They had 12 children all born in Den Bommel on the Island of Goeree Overflakkee: Cornelis (1718), Cornelis (1719), Jannetje (1722, Pieter (1724), Leendert (1725), Pieter (1731), Catharine (1732), Leendert (1735), Lena (1738), Kaatje (1739) and Pieter Klaas (1741). I descend from the last one, Pieter Klaas. I still have family living in Den Bommel. My aunt Lena is 79 now and  since her husband died a couple of years ago she still runs the farm of about 106 acres (43 hectare). The farmhouse was built in 1867.  Every now and then we pay her a visit like on Sunday November 2, 2003 together with our daughter, her husband and two (grand)children. I took some picture which you will find on this page and a second one. They are shown in random order. Just after WWII I spent a number of summer holidays in Den Bommel. I still have good memories of those days as the living out there was free and easy compared to that in Rotterdam where I lived. In those days there was no electricity, only natural gas on the island, but who cared. 

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Air Gunner      H.  Lockett  6-10-1944

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Een Heer van Stand!

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Built in 1867

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